One Pearl Bank

Tropical Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’)
Welcoming spaces where one’s cares simply melt away. A home where Hygge unlocks the comfort and calm of the living spaces within to help you live well.

There Are Places We Seek

That Makes Us Feel Whole Again

Places Of Respite Regeneration And Renewal

This Is The Place That Provides.

This Is where Hygge Comes Home In The Tropics

Where The Grounds Are Designed To Soothe The Senses

Where the lapping Water Refreshes

Where The Paths Lead To Reflective Nooks That Are Havens For Meditation And Reflection.

Open Yourself To New Views And New Experiences

Put Down Roots Where We Plant A Community. Relish The Pleasure Of Seeing Your Garden Grow

And When You Turn Your Gaze To The Views, You Are Happy To Have Chosen This Place.

For Even Inside, You Can Move In With Zero Stress, Because Zero Renovation Makes Room For Everything.

Where Spaces And Surfaces Comfort You

This Is Where Hygge Find Its Home In The Tropics

What’s At Your Doorstep? Your Comfort Zone